5 Tips to Help Your Call Center Excel

All businesses should have a designated customer service team and call center – whether it’s staffed with three people or three hundred people. But it’s not enough just to have them, you’ve got to make the most of them. Which is why we’re going to share some tips and tricks to help your current call center excel! 


Tip #1: Make the Most of Your Software 

One way to you can make your call center excel is by using all of the benefits your call center software provides. We’re not just talking about call holding and call recording. We’re talking about find/me follow me functionality, skill-based routing, live coaching capabilities and so much more. 

So often call centers get in their own way by not exploring, and utilizing, their feature sets. We’d encourage you to do just that! Read about them, test them out, and see what kind of an impact it has on your team. 

Bonus Tip: Don’t forget about the extensive data analytics features either. Capturing and reviewing real-time statistics can help you staff accurately, create effective training programs, and monitor your call center’s effectiveness.  

Tip #2: Invest in Your Call Center Agents 

We all know customer service is important. But caring for your agents is also important. How can a person provide stellar service when they’re on the brink of burnout themselves? Many agents are already teetering on the edge. In fact, in a recent study, less than 30% of agents feel empowered to do their jobs well 

To help your call center excel, here are a few practical steps to avoid agent burnout: 

  • Give them manageable workloads. It’s tempting to give capable agents more than they can handle. But don’t expect one agent to do the work of three. 
  • More training. According to the same study cited above, 62% of agents report that more skills-based training would improve their performance. So, take some time to develop and implement effective training programs. 
  • Clear advancement opportunities. Customer service is often mistaken for a dead-end job because there are no clear-cut ways for employees to advance. Yes, they’re customer service reps, but what if they do their job well? Will they be promoted? Gain more pay? If the answer is no, you’ll likely see a lot of agent turnover. Make sure you give your team a clear idea of how they can move ahead in their careers. 


Tip #3: Don’t Be Afraid to Automate 

This is especially true for smaller call centers that have a lot of requests but don’t want to overload their agents. Many call center solutions come with AI-driven workflows and chatbots.  

Chatbots can act as a 24/7/365 customer service rep online – answering simple questions at any time of the day without bothering a human agent.  

Automated workflows can do a whole host of other things. They can take over repetitive tasks, route customers to the right department, and a whole lot more, allowing agents to devote less time to work about work and more time to focus on complex issues. 


Tip #4: Write Out Your Workflows 

Speaking of workflows, here’s another way your call center can excel: if you write those workflows down. For most businesses, call center workflows are the product of trial and error. This didn’t work, so let’s try this approach. Sometimes there aren’t any workflows at all – just a call-by-call script and a prayer. 

If you’ve found a workflow that works for you – write it down. This will not only help you see any “missing pieces” that need to be filled it, but it will also act as a training guide for newer agents on how to properly handle calls. 

Don’t have a workflow at all? No problem! Start by generating one. If a customer calls with this issue, who will we route them to? What problems can an IVR handle and what problems should an agent handle? When will we route them to an answering machine? Questions like this will help you provide a streamlined experience for your customers – increasing their overall satisfaction. 

Tip #5: Keep It Simple 

Many call centers use multiple tools to get the job done. We get it. Each of those pieces of software has a purpose. But sometimes, when agents and administrators are juggling multiple logins, it’s harder to get information, collaborate well, or get a good idea of customer history.  

To make sure your call center excels, we recommend simplifying your software using integrations. Most cloud-based call centers can be integrated with your ticketing system, CRM software, and others to create a unified platform that contains all the information your agents need. They even offer instant messaging so agents can share information quickly and easily in real-time. Talk about efficiency! 


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