Business continuity


Whether it’s a natural disaster, such as a storm or an environment emergency, your employees may not be able to get to work. No one can predict the future. However, it is possible to prepare for this by drafting a solid business continuity plan.

A crucial element

Whether your phone system is installed at y location, is hosted or in the cloud, any business may one day have to deal with unforeseen events that could disrupt its operation.

If your company has ever faced a crisis situation or you have already developed a plan, you have probably noticed that telephony is a key element.

As part of the planning process, you must:

  • Identify essential resources and services that must remain available during an outage
  • Identify possible outages
  • Assessing the potential impact and risks on your business
  • How to minimize the potential impact during a crises
  • Plan how you will deal with an emergency
  • Test your business continuity plan

Our specialists can help

They can help you revise or introduce our applications or services such as:

  • Teleworking
  • Automatic routing of your phone numbers
  • Hardware resiliency within your office, off-site or in the cloud
  • The integration of smart devices
  • The integration of cellular devices
  • Virtual automatic reception service (cloud)
  • Automatic backup of your data