Looking to the future

As more and more businesses and applications move to the cloud, not all businesses are ready to take the plunge. Flexibility is essential for companies that need an on-site solution but understand that cloud-based communications are on the horizon.

As your business looks to the future, it is important to choose a professional communication platform that meets your current and future needs.
You also need a solution that integrates multiple applications into one, such as communications and collaboration, phones and built-in call center solutions. Not to mention integration into third-party systems, which can help provide an uninterrupted workflow.

Peace of mind

Whether centralized or distributed, our solutions are tailored and robust, with a flexible and secure architecture.

Forward to the cloud

Migrate to the cloud at the pace that suits your business, while protecting your existing investments.

Flexible deployment

Our solutions are designed to meet the needs of businesses of 5 to 130,000 users, in a single or multisite network, local or geographically dispersed.

Communication platform

Our business communications platforms offer many tools, call control and support a wide range of devices.

Contact Centre

Optimize your call center operations in real time. Routing sophisticated calls, self-service customer tools and multimedia support including email, chat and social media.

Presence and Collaboration

Maintain a communications experience just like being at the office regardless of the location or device used with tools such as presence, visual voicemail, conference, desktop and application sharing, private and public chat, and more.

Hosted is not for you?

If telephony equipment in the cloud doesn't meet your needs, let us manage your phone service. We will install the equipment in your office, and we offer you all the advantages of a hosted solution.