Accelerate and improve decision-making in your business by providing employees with everything they need to connect, communicate and collaborate with each other, all from one application.
Today, you no longer have to be behind a desk to be productive. It is now possible to work on the road, in a restaurant or at the departure gate. Employees can now work from home, from different countries, and even with people outside the organization.

Our communications and collaboration solutions

These are available on our various telephony platforms


Know immediately if the people you want to contact are on the phone, on the go or available to participate in a chat session


Enjoy a communication experiences similar to those of a desktop phone on a PC, tablet or smart device.


Extend team collaboration and desktop communications capabilities to mobile iOS or Android users.

Point to point video

Make a video call with colleagues at the touch of a button.

Integration with work tools

Integration with third-party business applications like Microsoft® Office, Outlook, Google® and Skype (Teams)

Audio, Web and Video Conference

Various Audio Conference and Web Collaboration Features