SIP Business lines

Why use SIP trunks?

Savings of up to 60% compared to the use of traditional lines (digital or analog). Our Sip services are cost effective, efficient and reliable. Choosing for this protocol would allow your company to quickly make the technology profitable in addition to saving monthly costs.

Get a number from anywhere

In more than 1,000 Canadian cities, 1,500 U.S. cities and more than 24 countries

100% quality and reliability

It is a high-capacity infrastructure, thanks to security, optimization and 24-hour surveillance.

Continuity of service

When your Internet services are interrupted, callers are automatically redirected to another phone number or service of your choice.

Virtual numbers

Set up a virtual local phone number, no matter where you do business. Create local numbers for each office or employee.


Group multi-site locations, teleworkers and mobile workers using the same telephone system