About us

Who are we?

Excel Telecom is a Canada-based company that has been thriving in the telecommunications industry for more than 30 years. Excel Telecom is continuously working hard to maintain its place and stand out within the business telephony indusrty.

With two points of service, in Laval and in the south-shore, Excel Telecom covers the Montreal metropolitan area and surroundings, including: Montreal, Laval, the North Shore, the South Shore and beyond. Today, with technology, the company can service customers just about anywhere. Proximity is no longer essential because most of the work can now be done remotely. Excel Telecom is a team of 15 professionals with certified and trained technicians.

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Excel Telecom’s success is thanks to the collaboration of valuable partners such as Mitel and Panasonic. The company offers innovative products and services such as cloud telephony (UCaaS), hybrid solutions, presence and collaboration tools, unified communication (UC), call center and analytics tools, audio and video conferencing, mobility, teleworking, wireless solutions, analysis and development of solutions, remote system monitoring and management. In addition, Excel Telecom offers connectivity services such as Internet access, SIP business lines and hosting servers and applications.
Our solutions are designed to simplify the lives of our customers because Excel Telecom’s primary goal is to deliver an unparalleled customer experience. We help our customers make informed choices. We implement a process that is proven and supported by professionals and has an undeniable approach.
Customers no longer simply buy a telephone system because they got the best price, but because they also expect excellent professional service throughout our partnership and that’s why service is an important segment of our customer relationships.
For years, many customers have used our services, advice and training to develop their operations. They are the ones who speak highly about our products and services. The customer experience is the essential element of the company. Our focus is to create and retain a customer. Our technical knowledge and expertise in the telecommunications market allow us to address a diverse customer base such as: small and medium-sized business, enterprises, government agencies, educational institutions, hospitality, real estate, retail, call centers, multi-site businesses, etc.