Business Communication Trends for 2023

Just like that, 2022 is coming to an end! And if this past year has taught us anything, it is that technology is advancing faster than ever, and communications aren’t being left behind. There’s a lot to think about when it comes to business communications and avenues for your customers to connect with you. Let’s talk about what you can expect for your business communication trends this coming new year: 

1. Phone Calls are Here to Stay…or so it Seems

Despite new and improved communication options appearing every day, data points to business professionals preferring phone calls as their main communication method.  So, phones are not going anywhere anytime soon in the office, and it makes sense. Professionals like reliable communication and making sure that they can relay messages as fast and clearly as possible to avoid misunderstandings. The truth remains that a phone call is still the most dependable way to do that. 

Whether the business is small, medium-sized or a massive corporation, operations running smoothly still largely depend on communication amongst colleagues and teams. The shift towards more remote and hybrid work after the pandemic, meant in-person communications are not always possible. While there are now plenty of channels to use when professionals need to reach their teammates, phone calls remain the primary communication method in business, and it’s looking like they will keep their throne long into 2023.

2. It’s SMS Message’s Time to Shine:

Another communication method that business professionals find reliable because of its straightforward approach is SMS messaging. In an era where everybody always keeps their cellphones with them, texting a phone number directly is also a sure way to reach a person fast. For this reason, SMS will surely continue to gain popularity this coming year.  

3. Will Cloud Communications Keep their Momentum? 

We’ve established that phone calls still reign supreme, but what kind of telephone systems will offices have this 2023? It’s complicated.  Over the past few years, Cloud Phone Systems have steadily gained popularity as more businesses move towards hybrid or even remote work. Despite this ”mobile movement,“ many businesses have stuck to the old ways and kept their on-premises phone systems; however, this is expected to change in the upcoming years.

4. Team Collaboration Platforms Are a Must-Have: 

What kind of technology is available to support meetings, you may wonder. After all, video conferences have been a business staple in recent years. Platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Slack and Zoom will see a rise in usage, similarly to Cloud Communications, as more teams move remote or hybrid. The ease of being able to chat with coworkers and hold meetings at the click of a button has made many businesses invest in having these platforms available as part of their communications. However, those financially minded and tech-savvy will look more toward unified communications to meet their video conferencing needs.

5. Businesses Want Flexible Solutions

With so many apps and communication methods out there, things are bound to get confusing. For that reason, professionals are looking towards solutions that are accessible through multiple devices. The same can be said for Hosted Cloud Services, businesses are looking for features that make their communications more accessible and will most likely migrate towards communication platforms where you can keep multiple features in the same place. 

ExcelTelecom Know Communication Trends

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