Cloud Communications: Why They’re Perfect for Businesses

When you’re googling “business voice solutions,” you’ve probably gotten many results that mention cloud communications. And why shouldn’t you? Cloud communications have only grown in popularity over the years, with experts predicting an 11% increase this year alone. But as it’s grown, the cloud communications industry has gotten more and more muddled. Hundreds of providers are offering dozens of solutions with different names, tons of features, and a lot of promises. It can be easy to miss the basic benefits of cloud communications. 

Which is why we wanted to cover those today. Just a few simple reasons why cloud communications is a worthwhile investment for your business – no matter which type you pick!  


Hybrid & Remote Work Support 

Cloud communications can be taken anywhere and used anywhere. Thanks to VoIP, your employees can access their cloud communications system on any internet-connected, admin-approved device. This allows hybrid and remote workers to protect their privacy while having the same level of professionalism as in-office employees. 


Simplification via Unification 

No matter your size, your communication needs probably extend beyond voice services. For example, your sales team communicates with your customers via video conferencing, your marketing team sends instant messages to one another about a certain project, and on and on it goes. Cloud communications solutions allow you to unify all these different types of communication into one application. This makes it easier for employees to communicate with their teammates and allows employees to communicate with customers more effectively.  


Failover Capabilities & Disaster Recovery 

We all know how disastrous power outages and system malfunctions can be for your business. When this happens, important sales are delayed or lost, communication between teams stops, and you’re basically at a standstill until you can get back online. Thankfully, cloud communications have ways of mitigating any malfunctions that may occur, the most important of which is a redundant cloud network. This means that if one network connection fails, your calls will be shifted to another connection with no interruption of service. 


Cost Savings on Communication Services 

Unlike on-premise solutions that require you to make a large, upfront purchase of both software and hardware, cloud solutions are usually charged on a month-to-month basis. This allows businesses to only pay for the services they need at any given time. If you find yourself dropping from 20 users to 15 users, you can easily see the adjustment on next month’s bill.  


Quick-and-Easy Scaling 

Speaking of adjusting your user count, cloud solutions platforms make scaling your solution an absolute breeze. Most cloud communications solutions come with an administrator portal that lets you add new users, delete users, or change user permissions instantly. No more hour-long waits on the phone with your service provider to adjust your user count. 


Experience the Best in Cloud Communications with Excel Telecom 

Giving customers comprehensive cloud solutions at an affordable price has been our passion since Excel Telecom was founded. And that hasn’t changed! Our cloud telephony solution was designed to be easy to use, feature-rich, and fully mobile. Experience the difference yourself by contacting one of our experts today!