Future-Proof Your Workplace with A Unified Communications Solution

In this new era of remote work, communication and collaboration tools have become a vital part of a business’s tech stack. These tools enable employees all over the globe to meet, collaborate and easily share information among each other. Unified Communications providers continue to update and upgrade their solutions’ features and functions. If you’re using a traditional phone system, you’re missing out on these essential features. Read on to learn how you can future-proof your business with a unified communications solution. 

Unified Communications: Digital Transformation 

One of the biggest trends in business is digital transformation. A unified communications system is becoming an essential tool for business. Think how your business would suffer without Internet? The traditional phone system is being phased out and can’t offer the functionality of cloud telephony and a unified communications system. Your workforce is distributed all over the world. They should be able to access their voice calls, video conferencing, and messaging from anywhere. Transitioning now will only help your business adapt to future digital trends. 

Unified Communications: Abundance of Features 

When you transition to a unified communications system, it’s packed with robust features. There’s no need to buy added licenses for those features. Enjoy video conferencing, messaging, call analytics, auto-attendant, and team presence; just to name a few. Make outbound and receive inbound calls from anywhere, as if you’re communicating from an office without the fear of sharing your private number. These features are the first step in future-proofing your business with a unified communications solution. 

Unified Communications Solution: Mobile Apps 

With remote work, and even hybrid work models, on the rise, a UC solution should mean mobility for your workers. They should be able to make and receive calls, join video conferences, and access files from anywhere and any device. You can install the app associated with your cloud solution on your desktop or mobile device to log in to your system. Your employees will love being able to access all their documents no matter where they are. 

Unified Communications: Screen Sharing 

Supporting remote and hybrid workers has its own challenges. How many times have you tried explaining a problem or project over the phone? How would you like to be able to share your screen and show your project to collaborators in real-time? Or collaborate on a virtual whiteboard with your team online? With a cloud solution, you can cut out email chains and use screen sharing so everyone can look at the same document and share feedback. Screen sharing enables a more efficient project and prompt completion. 

Unified Communications: Tools Integrations 

Being productive with a unified communications solution is easier than ever. That’s because integrations allow your workers to have all their tools at their fingertips. Unified communication integrations often allow you to have access to contact data, usually found in a customer relationship management (CRM) tool.  

Integrated CRM tools will help your reps work more effectively and efficiently. This is because your representatives will save time flipping between tabs and programs and simply use one ‘pane of glass’ to find complete customer history. This results in an improved customer experience that will create champions for your business and increase your brand’s reputation.  

Integrating your CRM with your unified communications solution improves efficiency and productivity; especially when talking to the customer. It’s handy to have all their data available in the palm of your hand. 

Unified Communications: Advanced Data 

Can your current system supply phone data? If you run a sales or customer success team, you can gain insights on the usage and performance of those teams. You can identify trends which can optimize the department. Call length might be higher than normal, so you can check why. You might be able to generate a sales script from a top performer. The data is available for you with just a few clicks. 

A Unified Communications Solution with Excel Telecom 

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