Planning For Remote Workers and the Future of the Office

An interesting stat from Gallup shows that 70 million workers can do their job remotely and only 20% of the workforce works full-time on-site. Those are staggering numbers when it comes to the future of the office and the return to on-site work. 

These numbers are a good sign that remote work isn’t going away anytime soon, no matter how loud the call is for a return to the office. If you’re a manager or business leader, the question becomes how do you support your employees in a remote environment? 

Remote Workers and Cloud Communications 

The traditional phone system isn’t going to supply the features a cloud-based phone system can. Workers are no longer at their desks and need to access their tools and contacts no matter their location. They also need to make calls without giving out their personal phone number. A cloud-based phone system will allow your employees to make video calls, access their business tools thanks to integrations, and securely share files with their colleagues. It improves collaboration and productivity of your entire team.  

Remote Workers and Proper Onboarding 

There needs to be a better process for onboarding new employees and getting them engrained into the culture. Remote workers still need to be involved and connect with their teammates and co-workers in different departments. In the office, engagement was easy. Departments could go to happy hours or have team-building exercises. The virtual happy hours were fun, but they didn’t last very long. Also, remote workers need to be treated the same as on-site workers, for those companies who have a combination of on-site and remote workers from various parts of the country.  

Remote Work Is Expected 

Since the pandemic began in 2020, 80% of workers now plan to stay remote or work in a hybrid model. According to Robert Half, 50% of workers would resign if forced to return on-site full-time. This means that a flexible work schedule is no longer a true benefit. In fact, remote work options should be expected and offered.  

It’s not all doom and gloom on your end. When offering remote work, your pool of talent to choose from expands exponentially. You’re no longer tied to a 30 mile radius for talent! If attracting top talent and growing your business is a goal, continue to offer remote work and your recruitment process will see success. 

Unintended Employee Perks  

Remote work cuts down on the commute. Instead of your employees wasting time driving an hour each way, they could be using that time working. Plus, it’s a bonus to your employees, as they are saving money on gas, food, and parking (if applicable). The fewer miles employees are putting on their car, the more they’ll also save on service for wear and tear. You’re saving them time and money without giving them anything tangible, other than letting them work remotely. According to Apollo Technical, work productivity is up 77%. Output continues to be on the rise. 

Remote Work Cybersecurity Investments 

With remote work, comes an increased risk for security breaches. In order to protect your business and your employees, investment in cybersecurity will continue to be a priority. Workers are accessing private and sensitive data from various locations, so more research and due diligence needs to be done on who can access certain data. Phishing attacks are on the rise and 85% of attacks and breaches are caused by human error. 54% of companies’ IT departments can’t handle advanced cyberattacks. Here are a few steps you can take to ensure cybersecurity measures are in place: 

  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) 
  • Role access to data 
  • Keep software up to date 
  • Enforce use of anti-virus/malware 
  • Secure all data (company/client/prospect) 

Excel Telecom Supports Remote Workers 

Contact the experts at Excel Telecom and we can support your company’s transition to remote work with a cloud-based phone system that enables business continuity. Today’s technology makes it easy for your team to be productive from anywhere. Contact us today and let’s start the conversation on how we can make your employees’ transition to remote work easy.