Small Business Telephony: The Key Features You NEED Now!

Communication is a main pillar of any business and having quality internal and external communication systems is important no matter how small a business is. At times small business owners overlook the importance of having a complete phone system in place that has quality features. Just because a business is small, doesn’t mean that the completeness that should come with a phone system can be overlooked. 

However, we understand that picking the right phone system can be a daunting task. With so many providers and services out there, you might find yourself having a hard time choosing the right small business telephony. If that is the case you’ve come to the right place, keep on reading as we discuss what features a telephone system for a small business really needs. 

Hosted Phone Systems for Small Businesses 

Traditional phone lines simply don’t do it anymore for most businesses, small ones including. The flexibility and features of hosted phone systems revolutionized the world of communications forever since they came on the scene. Small business owners will find that a hosted phone system not only has the reliability that they need to operate. But they can also be more affordable than traditional phone systems. 

Small business telephony is all about practicality. Hosted phone systems eliminate the need for expensive equipment and complicated installations, instead the system is kept or hosted on a “cloud” by your service provider. Furthermore, a hosted phone system can help you modernize your operations. For your team, it can mean that they will have an easier time carrying out communications both internally and externally.  

Features of Small Business Telephony 

If your business is small, you most likely won’t need the same features that a phone system for an enterprise would need. What’s important is that you know exactly what you and your team need from your phone system. Then you will be able to identify the features that can improve your daily operations. Here are some of the most exciting and beneficial features used in small business telephony: 

  • Uptime: Uptime refers to the time that a phone system is up and running. It is important to have an uptime guarantee that comes with the phone service that you choose.  That’s because this guarantee means that your system is not going to give up on you randomly. 
  • Scalability: Small businesses grow unexpectedly during their journeys. Having a scalable phone system means that as your business grows, and more people come on to your team you can easily add them on to the same phone system without any struggle. 
  • Security: Safety features are extremely important when it comes to small business telephony. You need a phone system that protects your privacy and the information shared during your calls. 
  • Video Conferencing: A feature that many don’t consider but that can make a huge difference in the way your team communicates. Video conferencing allows teams to have virtual meetings from anywhere at any time as if they were talking to each other in person! 
  • Mobile Application: Some hosted phone systems come with apps that you can install on your phone (or any mobile device). This way you can oversee all phone operations from there. 

ExcelTelecom for Your Small Business Telephony 

Want to know more about small business telephony? At ExcelTelecom we have over 30 years providing Canadians with the best hosted phone systems for their businesses. We are dedicated to offering quality communication services. We want to help our clients modernize their day-to-day operations so that they can take care of growing their business. For more information reach out to us today and we’ll gladly get you started.