What is E-fax?

Long gone are the days when you needed paper to communicate with others. As modernization started to take place across various industries, we have developed more convenient and faster ways to communicate with other people in business settings. Faxing is not the exception. It remains true that fax is still widely used, but with a much better way to do fax, why would you stay stuck in the old ways? E-fax has gained popularity recently, and it is no surprise given that it saves you time, paper, and even money. 

E-fax 101: 

So, what is E-fax? And why is it much better than good old traditional faxing? With the help of eFax, you can send and receive faxes online through email, a mobile app, and a secure web portal. This means that no conventional telephone lines are needed, instead the fax is sent using an IP network. Another cool thing about E-fax is that you will still be able to send e-faxes or, better said, to exchange fax messages with traditional fax machines. 

Fax tends to be used on instances where a signature is needed. Especially when dealing with legal documents. But one of the advantages of E-faxing is that it still has all the benefits old-school faxing has. You can sign, edit, and organize them however you need too, sans the paper of course. Furthermore, e-fax is extremely easy to use, making it more convenient than most communication methods. 

The future of communications 

Keeping communications online is now a necessity for most businesses. With new work from home and hybrid modalities, not all employees are in a physical office. Therefore, communications have been digitalized as of late to modernize business for the comfort of all people, and to be prepared for whatever circumstances a business might face.  

This means a business needs to be prepared to move all communications online, if necessary, in the case that they are not already fully remote. Even something as seemingly benign as fax, has been digitalized so it can continue to be used now and in the future. This is because it is still useful for most businesses across various industries. So, no more having to walk over to co-workers’ desks to get them to sign those documents that you need. You can just send them to them electronically and have them sent right back within seconds. 

Keep critical information safe 

By now you are probably wondering, why wouldn’t I just send an email then? And yes, this is a valid question. The thing is that while e-faxes and emails are terribly similar, they have one major difference: how secure they are. Emails navigate servers, firewalls, and more, thus they can easily be compromised while traveling to their destination. On the other hand, e-faxes are typically sent using IP networks, where end-to-end encryptions protect privacy by preventing the hacking of these transferences. 

 So whenever sensitive information is concerned, a business will opt for this safer means of communication. This is why, as mentioned before fax, whether it is an e-fax or regular fax, is typically used when legal or important documents need to be sent. 

E-faxing with Excel Telecom 

At Excel Telecom, we understand convenience in communications, and we are here to deliver just that. Our fax services offer everything that has been mentioned above and more, with the idea of making your business life easier. So why choose us for your E-fax services? Simple: 

  • Use a toll-free or any local number 
  • Send a fax directly from your email platform 
  • Keep your existing fax number 
  • Several users can share the same account 
  • No complicated software installations. 

And much more, so if you are thinking that e-faxing is just what you need to stay ahead of the game get in touch with us today so we can chat about what we can do for you and your business.