What to Expect from a Great Cloud Phone System

Finding the perfect cloud phone system can be difficult. Especially after the remote work boom. Everywhere you look there’s a new provider selling the “latest and greatest” cloud phone solution. But you’re often left wondering: what does a great cloud phone system actually look like? We’re here to answer that question! While your preferences may differ about the “bells and whistles” of a solution, a great cloud phone system should always have these characteristics:  


Unlike on-premises systems, the best cloud phone systems are easy to use for all employees, regardless of their technical background. Your employees should learn how to operate the new system quickly and easily. But if the transition is still a little bumpy, never fear! Great cloud phone system providers should offer free user training sessions for you and your teams, so all your questions can be answered. 


You can expect a greater amount of reliability from a cloud phone system than traditional phone service. Why? Because of “geo-redundancy.” This means that your cloud phone system provider has multiple sites in multiple locations. So, if your business loses power, or experiences any kind of network failure, your cloud phone system will automatically switch you to a different site that still has service. And voila – a continued connection between your customers and staff!  


Yes, cloud phone systems operate over the internet. But it doesn’t mean they’re not secure. You can expect an excellent cloud phone solution to have multiple security measures, such as STIR/SHAKEN protocols, end-to-end audio encryption, and active software monitoring services. 


Cloud phone systems can easily integrate with a wide variety of software and hardware devices. You can expect to simplify and streamline your communications using your cloud phone solution. Thanks to integrations, you can keep everything – from trouble tickets to meeting notes – in one, user-friendly location. This kind of flexibility and customization allows you to create a one-of-a-kind solution for your business.  

Have a specific CRM you want to connect with? Now you can!  

Want to integrate your task management, ticketing, and scheduling software into your phone system? Now you can! The possibilities are practically limitless. 


Research has shown that businesses save between 30% to 50% when they switch to a cloud phone system. This is because cloud phone solutions don’t have upfront hardware costs, cost less to maintain over time, don’t have hidden fees for local or long-distance calls, and are consistently upgraded for free. Almost any cloud phone system you choose will help you save money. 


The only thing a cloud phone system needs to operate properly is a connection to the internet. Thanks to softphone applications, any internet-connected device can be turned into a secure office line. This means you can expect a cloud phone solution to scale very easily. Adding new team members by the day? Simply add them to the cloud phone system, have them download the app, and boom! A new, secure, business line – no hardware needed.  

Plus, Extensive Feature Libraries  

Traditional phone systems have a handful of important features you could use, but only if you had the proper hardware. Cloud phone solutions allow users to enjoy all kinds of new-and-improved communication features. 

Here’s a quick list of features you shouldn’t be caught without!  

  • Softphone application 
  • HD Audio 
  • Unlimited Calling  
  • Business Text Messaging 
  • Web Conferencing 
  • Team Chat 
  • Auto Attendant 
  • Advanced Call Management 
  • Advanced Call Routing 
  • Call Analytics 
  • Voicemail to Email 
  • Call Screening 
  • Call Recording & Rating 
  • Call Park 
  • Call Forwarding 
  • Three-Way Calling 
  • Conference Bridge 
  • Call Queuing 
  • Call Presence 
  • Call Transfer 
  • Priority Alerts 
  • Custom Ringback 
  • Custom Music on Hold 
  • Conversational AI 


Exceed Expectations with Excel 

If you’re still on the hunt for a new phone system, look no further than Excel Telecom! Our cloud phone solutions are equipped with everything a business needs to succeed – from a georedundant network to a suite of over 150 features. Every call that traverses our network is heavily encrypted and is delivered with crystal-clear HD quality. But don’t take our word for it, experience it for yourself by scheduling a free demonstration today!