VoIP Systems for Small Business: The Features We Love for Excel Technologies

The pandemic left the world changed forever. While many have returned to their pre-pandemic lives as they were, for most, things have been forever changed, small businesses included. After realizing how comfortable and even more productive it is, employees now prefer work-from-home or hybrid work modalities-from-business, this means quick adaptation to the new normal is necessary, and if your employees are not coming into the office anymore, how are they making and receiving calls? Here’s where the magic of VoIP systems for small businesses comes in. 


What is a VoIP system? 

Think phone calls made through the internet instead of phone lines. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet protocol, and they convert voice calls into network packets which are then transmitted through the internet or any IP-based network. A good VoIP system will also be able to transmit phone calls to and from traditional phones. VoIP systems for small businesses need this feature, since you will be interacting with clients with regular phone systems. 


Why are VoIP systems beneficial for small businesses? 

No matter how small a business is, it needs to adapt it to modern times. Nowadays staying behind in technology can be detrimental for any kind of business in any industry, and internet-based communications are now the present and the future. But exactly how can this technology be beneficial for your business? 

  • Believe it or not, these systems are exceptionally reliable. The percentage of time a service is active online is known as uptime. Most providers offer their VoIP services with a guarantee of 99.99% uptime. Uptime measures how much of the time a supplier is active online. 
  • VoIP systems for small businesses tend to be more affordable. Because VoIP has lower long-distance and international calling rates than other phone systems, you get to benefit from a significant reduction in call costs. They are also usually charged through subscription plans at affordable rates. Also, there is no need to buy expensive equipment. 
  • They are easy to use! If you are worried about everyone getting the hang of it, do not! VoIP interfaces are user friendly; they are built with the user’s comfort in mind. 
  • Your entire communications system is at your fingertips with VoIP. All you need is an internet connection and a browser. VoIP systems for small business can simplify operations.  

How to choose the right VoIP system for you: 

Now that we have convinced you to get one, let’s talk about the next step: choosing the right system. When it comes to choosing perfect VoIP systems for small businesses, first do your research! While most systems come with similar benefits, consider exactly what it is that your business will need to get the most out of your VoIP system.  

Also consider price, you want something that will not make you break the bank, but you must consider that you pay for what you get. Naturally, you want excellent and quality service. 

That is where we come in. At Excel Telecom, we understand affordable prices for high quality services, so we have put all the features you need in a single package at a simple price.  


The Features We Love with Excel Technologies 

We focus on improving your operational efficiency so you can focus on the rest. Enjoy the best features of cloud telephony at small prices. Check out some of the features that we offer: 

  • 100% hosted on the cloud: No expensive equipment needed, it’s all “up there.”  
  • Analytics at your fingertips: Know how your business is doing at all times. 
  • The best bang for the buck: Canada’s most complete telecommunications package at small-business friendly prices.  
  • Complete mobile solutions: No computer? No problem, our system can be used from any IOS or Android smartphone. 
  • Complete contact center solutions: we have a group of experts who share the objective of exceeding your expectations and providing unmatched customer experience. 
  • Available anywhere at any time: Working from home? Hybrid? Use our system from anywhere. 

Get in touch with us now to talk about our VoIP systems for small business and see if we are the right fit for you.