Revolutionize Your Business Communication with a Mobile-First Phone System

coworkers using Mobile-first phone system

In recent years, how we work has undergone a significant transformation, with more and more people working remotely from anywhere (with internet connection) in the world. This shift has led to a growing dependence on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets as the go-to method for staying connected with colleagues and clients.    This is […]

Small Business Telephony: The Key Features You NEED Now!

Small Business Telephony

Communication is a main pillar of any business and having quality internal and external communication systems is important no matter how small a business is. At times small business owners overlook the importance of having a complete phone system in place that has quality features. Just because a business is small, doesn’t mean that the […]

Planning For Remote Workers and the Future of the Office

Remote Work and the Future of the Office

An interesting stat from Gallup shows that 70 million workers can do their job remotely and only 20% of the workforce works full-time on-site. Those are staggering numbers when it comes to the future of the office and the return to on-site work.  These numbers are a good sign that remote work isn’t going away […]

Future-Proof Your Workplace with A Unified Communications Solution

Office with unified communications Communications unifiées

In this new era of remote work, communication and collaboration tools have become a vital part of a business’s tech stack. These tools enable employees all over the globe to meet, collaborate and easily share information among each other. Unified Communications providers continue to update and upgrade their solutions’ features and functions. If you’re using […]

VoIP Systems for Small Business: The Features We Love for Excel Technologies

Two women using VoIP systems for small business Systèmes VoIP pour petites entreprises

The pandemic left the world changed forever. While many have returned to their pre-pandemic lives as they were, for most, things have been forever changed, small businesses included. After realizing how comfortable and even more productive it is, employees now prefer work-from-home or hybrid work modalities-from-business, this means quick adaptation to the new normal is […]

5 Tips to Help Your Call Center Excel

Customer service at call center excel centre d’appels

All businesses should have a designated customer service team and call center – whether it’s staffed with three people or three hundred people. But it’s not enough just to have them, you’ve got to make the most of them. Which is why we’re going to share some tips and tricks to help your current call […]